Goods for dental technicians

Our company specializes in selling the most up-to-date high quality products for dental technicians.

SIA ‘VV Centrs’ is the Baltic States authorized dealer for the following companies:
NORITAKE (Japan) – dental ceramics and related instruments, and materials.
YAMAHACHI (Japan) – artificial teeth, waxes, instruments and materials for polishing and finishing, base materials, articulators, laboratory microscopes.
TCS (USA) – base thermoplastic material for removable dentures and related technology, materials, and instruments.
CDM (США) – thermoplastic materials DurAcetal, VisiClear etc. for removable and non-removable dentures and and related technology, materials, and instruments.
SMILE LINE (Switzerland) – exclusive instruments and materials for dental ceramics.
SHENPAZ (Israel) – dental ceramics furnaces.
Our trade’s defining feature is that we not only sell the materials, but also teach dental specialists how to use them. Courses and/or workshops can be arranged at both the purchaser’s and our premises.

Another feature is our constant searching of something innovative in dentistry. Our latest novelty is meant for dentists. It is a low energy non-invasive dental laser produced by the Canadian company MedX. We hope that the lasers will become an important part of the Baltic dentist’s inventory.